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Unlike heart attacks, the slow and long process of cog­nitive deterioration does not hurt. Instead, clear thinking slips away in silence and only when enough is lost do we take notice, not knowing when it even happened; and by then, it is too late. Some people seem inexplica­bly afflicted with cognitive decline or worse, dementia, while others are strikingly resilient and have remarkable brain health through late life. Why is that? What drives that resilience? What drives that ability to bounce back? White matter changes are now recognized for their importance in cognition and cognitive loss. The Albert Research Institute for White Matter and Cognition seek answers to these fundamental questions as vital to our mission to preserve brain health and prevent cognitive impairment.

Mission Statement

The Albert Institute for White Matter Research provides a forum for communication in the advancement of white matter science. It provides a platform for young investigator development, debating new and old ideas, and encouraging/supporting new collaborations and research directions. By fostering better understanding of white matter contributions to cognitive impairment, dementia and disease, it will facilitate and support the discovery and development of therapies that will maintain healthy white matter and nervous system functioning

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